Architects of Dreams

AoD is life. That is, Architects of Dreams, the massive multiplayer online role-playing game, is life.

For Wes, who thought moving to college would be simple and exciting, it is everything but. Forced to live with his ex-best-friend Nick, the sting of Nick’s betrayal only a walk to the kitchen away, Wes finds solace alone in his room gaming.

When the campus housing manager calls and offers him a room in the dorms, it could mean cutting his ties with Nick completely. If only Nick would stop beating his dreams on AoD each night.

Could his lab partner Riley be the key to moving on, starting fresh? Or maybe the quirky girl on the floor above him who doesn’t seem to understand boundaries.

Fangirl meets Ready Player One in Architects of Dreams by William Tyler Davis. The book and synopsis are both works in progress. šŸ™‚